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Last updated: 05.07.09 22:55
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"In The Court Of The Wrestling Let's" - Let's Wrestle


Let's Wrestle

More info on forthcoming Moles shows will be announced soon. Please keep checking in!



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Photos of many of the shows can be seen on Flickr if you click on the links. You can also see videos from a lot of the shows on the Gigger site. Enjoy!


22nd Jan: Televised Crimewave + Popular Workshop + Section K
19th Feb: Fight Like Apes + Turbowolf + Kasms
14th May: Casiokids + Tokyo Pinsalocks + Lego Castles
04th June: Hatcham Social + The Neat
11th June: Hafdis Huld + Bec And Beth
03rd July: Let's Wrestle + Race Horses + Gentlemens Relish


08th Feb: Los Campesinos! + Shrag
03rd Apr: Circulus + Ulysses + Beth and Bec (Hot Puppies)
15th May: Bec And Beth (Hot Puppies) + Arctic Circle + Bucky
04th Sept: Fight Like Apes + Untitled Musical Project + The Hysterical Injury
02nd Oct: Cats In Paris + Silvery +The Jelas and also more here (from Tom Platten-Higgins)
10th Oct: Glam Chops + Ulysses + The Kick Inside
30th Oct: The Kabeedies + The School + Lego Castles
27th Nov: S.C.U.M. + You Love Her Coz Shes Dead + Poppy And The Jezebels
04th Dec: Piney Gir + Betty And The Werewolves + Colliding Lemons + Ill Ease
18th Dec: Kaputt + Rose Elinor Dougall + El Wristo

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13th Jan: (Purr Birthday Bash) The Ripps + Bucky + Los Imbasils
26th Jan: Wild Beasts + William + Baby Gravy
02nd Feb: We Are The Physics + The Mount Cherries + Shock! Shock! Horror
16th Feb: Piney Gir Country Roadshow + The Loves + Sweet Baboo
02nd Mar: Ebony Bones + Turbowolf + The Glee Club Is Dead
14th Apr: Catweasels + Dead Disco + The Dead Spies
20th Apr: The Ripps + Colliding Lemons + Ideal Standard
21st Apr: The Mentalists + The Heated Rollers
05th May: Innercity Pirates + Modernaire + Kerterver Cartzo
19th May: We Are The Physics + Untitled Musical Project + The Hysterical Injury
02nd June: Los Campesinos! + The Answering Machine
09th June: The Ripps + Sunset Cinema Club + The Naturals (see video here)
16th June: Remi Nicole + The Indelicates
28th July: Help She Can't Swim + Shimmy Rivers And And Canal + Model Horror
04th Aug: The Hot Puppies + Modernaire + Kerterver Cartzo
11th Aug: Crystal Castles + Turbowolf (see video here)
18th Aug: Tiny Masters Of Today + The Locarnos + Won't Never
15th Dec: Circulus + The Hot Puppies

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(and a shiny new venue! Click link to see pics!)

05th May: New Rhodes + The Cuban Heels + Venus Bogardus
19th May: Pete And The Pirates + Manic Cough + Look Look (Dancing Boys)
16th Jun: The Hot Puppies +Bucky + The Mentalists
30th Jun: Untitled Musical Project + Safetyword + Munch Munch
07th Jul: Copter + A Life In Bandages + Los Imbasils
14th Jul: Late Of The Pier + Gravity Crisis + Poppy And The Jezebels
21st Jul: the Bishops + The Video Nasties + The Ripps
28th Jul: Oxfam Glamour Models + Manic Cough + Dirthole
04th Aug: Pink Grease + The DeBretts + The Go Naturals
18th Aug: Hot Club De Paris + You And The Atom Bomb + Hot Silk Pockets
01st Sep: Butterflies Of Love + The Fog Band + Countryside
15th Sep: Redcarsgofaster + Disco Drive + Autons
29th Sep: New Rhodes + The Mentalists + Colliding Lemons
03rd Oct: The Wombats + Weird Love + The Brazen
20th Oct: The Daze + Coin-Op + The Adventures Of Loki
03rd Nov: Elliefest! - The Hot Puppies + Manic Cough + Poppy And The Jezebels
17th Nov: Help She Can't Swim + The Retro Spankees + Wolfie
01st Dec: Victorian English Gentlemans Club + Shrag + Panthergirls
08th Dec: Untitled Musical Project + Venus Bogardus + Screaming Ballerinas + Dead School
15th Dec: Friends Of The Bride + Colliding Lemons + Gentlemans Relish

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13th Jan: Purr's 5th Birthday Party featuring Soho Dolls + Piney Gir + Performance
22nd Jan (Saturday!): The New Rhodes + The Fog Band + Komakino + The Cuban Heels + The Subterraneans. 'Purr All-dayer' (The Metropol, Bristol)
27th Jan: Tom Vek + The Research + Red Pony
10th Feb: Thee Unstrung + Snow White + Manic Cough
24th Feb: Saturday Looks Good to Me + Speedmarket Avenue + The Cuban Heels
03rd Mar: Black Wire + The Martini Henry Rifles + A Cult Called Karrianna
24th Mar: The Hot Puppies + Vatican DC + The Lodger
31st Mar: The Mooney Suzuki + The Ghears
07th Apr: Mika Bomb + Nine Black Alps + Forward Russia! + This Et Al
28th Apr: The Fog Band + Pete And The Pirates + Park Attack + Manic Cough + The Robot Vs (live album recording!)
12th May: The Blood Arm + New Rhodes + The Cuban Heels
26th May: Snow White + Comanechi + Tiger Force + Wet Dog (live album recording, pt2)
02nd Jun: Milky Wimpshake + The Mighty Stars + Ambulance
09th Jun: Special Needs + The Caves + Bucky
30th Jun: The Cuban Heels + Kiosk + Narco + Manic Cough

...and then we had a tea break for a bit...

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22nd Jan: Herman Dune + Kimya Dawson + Valley Forge + Safetyword
29th Jan: Whirlwind Heat + Komakino + New Grand Smoking Palace
05th Feb: Green Hornet + The Roolettes + Copter
12th Feb: Black Wire + 3Ho'sTwoMexicansAndATinofSpanners + Fuzz
19th Feb: The Rocks + The Barbs + Special Needs + The Dirty
04th Mar: Mr Airplane Man + The A-Lines + Help, She Can't Swim
11th Mar: Neil's Children + The Fog Band + Komakino
18th Mar: Art Brut + The Fades + Summerteeth
25th Mar: Mower + The Hot Puppies + New Grand Smoking Palace
01st Apr: Surferosa + The Slides + Bettyking
08th Apr: Bearsuit + Hyper Kinako + Red Pony
15th Apr: Cinerama + Astrid Williamson (ex-Goya Dress)
22nd Apr: Youth Movie Soundtrack Strategies + Ivory Springer + Episonic
25th Apr: (Sunday - all-ages show) Jetplane Landing + Intentions Of An Asteroid + Drive Like You Stole It + 4 Hour Drive + Zilch
06th May: Art Brut + The Fog Band + Ricky Spontane + The Priscillas
13th May: Rinaldi Sings + Puerto Muerto + Bucky + Desc
20th May: David Wrench + Persil + Zea + Kid Carpet
03rd Jun: The Rocks + Special Needs + The Long Blondes + The Revelations
10th Jun: Holy Golightly + Hazel Winter + New Grand Smoking Palace
17th Jun: Do Me Bad Things + We Rock Like Girls Don't + The House of Lords + Sludgefeast (Must Destroy Purr Night). Also featuring a playback of the new album by The Futureheads 'The Futureheads'
01st Jul: The New Rhodes + The International Karate Plus + Valley Forge
08th Jul: Zombina and the Skeletones + Tramp Attack + Termites + 28 Costumes
15th Jul: The Hot Puppies + The Schla-La-Las + Kid Carpet
22nd Jul: KaitO + Help, She Can't Swim + Big Joan + The Retro Spankees
05th Aug: 'All You Need Is Punk' Night: The Punkles + The House of Lords + Taxi
12th Aug: Sonic Mook Presents: 'F**k Britain' Tour: Selfish Cunt (cancelled) + Martini Henry Rifles + Black Wire + Ten Minutes With My Dad
15th Aug: (all-ages/all-dayer) The's + The Fog Band + The A-Lines + The House of Lords
19th Aug: 1-2-3-4 Records Night: Collapse + Negative For Francis + Objects + The Liftmen
26th Aug: Ratatat + GOB$AU$AGE + Bucky
02nd Sep: Client + Trademark + Bishi
09th Sep: The Dears + The Pipettes + Brakes
16th Sep: Volcano, I'm Still Excited!! + The Loves + Trouble Everyday + And What Will Be Left of Them?
23rd Sep: Nine Black Alps + Help, She Can't Swim + 28 Costumes
07th Oct: The Rocks + The Subways + The Barbs + Special Needs - Evil Rocks Tour 2!
14th Oct: The Long Blondes + The Boyfriends + Michael Dracula + The Fucks
21st Oct: Ludes + Angels Fight The City + The Victorian English Gentlemen's Club
28th Oct: The Hot Puppies + Girlinky + Scanners
04th Nov: Vive L'American Death Ray Music + Bucky + Copter + Armrug
11th Nov: Vinny Peculiar (featuring Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce ex-The Smiths) + The Fog Band + The Longcut + Spinmaster Plantpot
18th Nov: The Bamboo Kids + Junk Box + The Holy Terror
25th Nov: The Mooney Suzuki + The Upper Room + Schwab
02nd Dec: Ivory Springer + Big Joan + King Alexander + Male
09th Dec: Intentions Of An Asteroid + Komakino + Beats Capri + You Judas
16th Dec: M.A.S.S. + The Schla La Las + The House Of Lords + Go! Team! Go!
23th Dec: New Rhodes + Corporation: Blend + Nebraska + The Brights

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09th Jan: Pop Threat + The Real Losers + The Revelations + The 7-Inches
16th Jan: The Silver Surfer + Summerteeth + The Fits + The Frozen Waves
> 23rd Jan: Herman Dune + Finlay + Father of Boon + The Playwrights
30th Jan: Mr Airplane Man + Pink Grease + The Dog Show
06th Feb: Intentions Of An Asteroid + Drive Like You Stole It + Marlowe
13th Feb: The Paper Chase + Cat On Form + Stanton
27th Feb: Part Chimp + Ivory Springer + 65 Days Of Static
06th Mar: The Rogers Sisters + The Chinatowns + Bucky
20th Mar: M.A.S.S. + The Customers + The New Rhodes (Purr Records Night)
03rd Apr: The Once Over Twice + Hooker + Ivory Springer
10th Apr: The Burning Brides + Winnebago Deal + Swearing At Motorists
17th Apr: Echo Is Your Love + Sammo Hung + My Symptoms + Short Term Diary
01st May: The Soledad Brothers + Pink Grease + Mr David Viner
15th May: The Apes + Party of Helicopters + The Static Waves
22nd May: The Applicators + Team Rocket + Marlowe
29th May: This Ain't Vegas + The Golden Virgins + Mavis
12th Jun: Magoo + Seedling + Hyper Kinako + Zea
14th Jun: Vic Godard and Subway Sect + The Loves + The Bitter Springs
19th Jun: The Cling + The New Rhodes + The Fog Band
26th Jun: Dive Dive (aka Dustball) + Berkeley + Beats Capri
03rd Jul: The Demons + The Pittstops + The Roölettes
10th Jul: The Hells + Terrashima + The Gin Palace + Mr David Viner (Artrocker Night)
17th Jul: The Butterflies of Love + The Hot Puppies + Finlay (Truckfest & Fortuna Pop!)
24th Jul: Rocket Science + The A-Lines + GG Action (Ladyfest Bristol Benefit)
26th Jul: IOAA + Beats Capri (@ The Louisiana, Bristol)
07th Aug: Mower + Fake Ideal + Punish The Atom
14th Aug: Jarcrew + The Koreans + Your Code Name Is: Milo + Marlowe (DrownedinSound Night)
21st Aug: Milky Wimpshake + The Gossip + The Mittens + the schande (MW's 10th Anniversary Tour)
04th Sep: Lapsus Linguae + Komakino + Tyler
05th Sep: The Customers + M.A.S.S. + The New Rhodes (@ The Free Butt, Brighton)
11th Sep: Jetscreamer + The Fog Band + Ivory Springer
18th Sep: Beachbuggy + The Scaramanga Six + Les Flames! (Wrath Records Night)
25th Sep: Mistreaters + The Revelations + Bratcore
02nd Oct: Mos Eisley + The Capes + The Get-Outs
04th Oct: M.A.S.S. + The New Rhodes + The Fog Band (@ The Louisiana, Bristol)
09th Oct: The Futureheads + The Fog Band + The New Rhodes + The Zoltan Kodaly School For Girls
12th Oct: Jetplane Landing + Span + Marlowe + Lightside (Sunday all-ages show)
16th Oct: IOAA + Fixit Kid + Future eX Wife + Candy Sniper
23rd Oct: Snow Patrol + The Dead Lovers
30th Oct: Chris T-T + M J Hibbert + Safetyword + 'Ready, Steady, Purr' documentary (@ The Cube Cinema, Bristol)
31st Oct: Halloween Show with Trailer Park Trash: featuring: The Unchayned + The Revelations + Placid Storm (@ The Porter Butt, London Road, Bath)
01st Nov: Sammo Hung + The Barbs + Youth Movie Soundtrack Strategies (@ The Louisiana, Bristol)
06th Nov: Fi-Lo Radio + Ivory Springer + Komakino
20th Nov: The Dirtbombs + The Fog Band + Sammo Hung
22nd Nov: The Bobbyteens + The Flakes + The Dirty Burds + The Mighty Stars (@ The Croft, Bristol)
27th Nov: Gravy Train!!!! + Hooker + Bucky
11th Dec: The Woggles + The Rocks + The Revelations
18th Dec: Chikinki + Big Joan + A Lion

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10th Jan: Dressy Bessy + The Loves + Kicker (Track & Field Night)
24th Jan: Ikara Colt + J*R + Starfighter-X
31st Jan: Dustball + Six Ray Sun + Soeza +South Sea Company Prospectus
07th Feb: Riviera + Motormark + Pretty
14th Feb: The Suffrajets + Volta
21st Feb: Intentions of an Asteroid + The Martini Henry Rifles + Marlowe
28th Feb: Miss Black America + Bring Out The Freaks
07th Mar: Caretaker + Chikinki + Sui Generis
21st Mar: Mclusky + Brazil + Sammo Hung
04th Apr: The Butterflies of Love + Milky Wimpshake + The Chemistry Experiment (Fortuna Pop!)
18th Apr: Hoggboy + Me Against Them
20th Apr: AKO / Dead Inside + Terrashima (with Trailer Park Trash)
02nd May: Intentions of an Asteroid + Hyper Hyper Girl Lover
16th May: Dustball + Jack Drag + The Young Knives (Shifty Dico Night)
30th May: Slumber Party + Mooz + Black Neilson
06th Jun: Demolition Doll Rods + Aqua Vista + Candy Rag
13th Jun: Fonda 500 + Finlay + Vic Twenty
27th Jun: Jetplane Landing + Intentions of an Asteroid + Summerteeth
11th Jul: The Beatings + J*R + Sammo Hung + Ivory Springer
25th Jul: Gertrude + Moonkat + The Flamingo 50 + The Reverend Pike (pre-Ladyfest Night)
08th Aug: Motel + Hello Cuca + Kirby + Kavolsky (Post-Ladyfest Night)
22nd Aug: Yumi Yumi + The Hot Puppies + The Fairy Traders
05th Sep: The Butterflies of Love + Tender Trap + People With Eyes
12th Sep: Simple Kid + Intentions of an Asteroid + Bikeshed
19th Sep: Federation-X + The Stuck-Ups + Ivory Springer
26th Sep: The Lillettes + Aqua Vista + Lube
03rd Oct: Jarcrew + Hyper Hyper Girl Lover + Babyfood
10th Oct: M.A.S.S. + The Leeches + The New Rhodes
13th Oct: Intentions of an Asteroid + Marlowe + The New Rhodes (Dean's Party)
17th Oct: Terrashima + The Martini Henry Rifles (Sonic Mook Night)
24th Oct: The Courtesy Group + Sui-Generis
31st Oct: KaitO + Seedling + Econoline + Zoppo
02nd Nov: Texas Pete + Kill Van Helsing + The Viva Kenevals (with Trailer Park Trash)
14th Nov: The Customers + The Loves + The Fairy Traders + Summerteeth
28th Nov: Dustball + This Ain't Vegas + Berkeley
05th Dec: The Apes + Alta May + Ivory Springer
12th Dec: The Paybacks + The Henchmen + Aqua Vista
26th Dec: Madflower + My Favourite Co-Pilot + Marlowe

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11th Jan: Mark 700 + Submatrix + The Hand
25th Jan: Venus in Furs + Comatose
08th Feb: Ricky Spontane + Ciccone
22nd Feb: Kicker + The Receivers
08th Mar: Mika Bomb + Kenisia
22nd Mar: AKO + thisGirl
05th Apr: The Aislers Set + Comet Gain + The White Papers (Fortuna Pop! Night)
19th Apr: Yen + Ikara Colt
03rd May: Sportique + Airport Girl + Free Loan Investments + Frankie Machine (WIAIWYA Night)
17th May: KaitO + Yumi Yumi
31st May: Beachbuggy + J*R
09th Jun: AKO + Kenisia + J*R + Spankboy + Grebo + Two-Day Rule (with Trailer Park Trash)
14th Jun: The Suffrajets + The Merics
28th Jun: Madnomad + Saloon + Stars on the Water
12th Jul: Angelica + Fox Force Five
26th Jul: The Loves + Aqua Vista
09th Aug: The Rock of Travolta + Moonkat
23rd Aug: Bangs + The Gossip + Sarah Dougher + The Lollies (Post-Ladyfest Night)
06th Sep: Ciccone + Identity #1 + Hazel from Comatose (solo)
20th Sep: Stumble + Summerteeth
04th Oct: Winterbrief + Venus in Furs + Mavis (Generation Toyracer Night)
18th Oct: The French Kicks + The Essex Green + The Chemistry Experiment
27th Oct: Aqua Vista + Lube + Clambake (with Trailer Park Trash)
01st Nov: The Lucksmiths + Adekola Sound + Summerteeth
15th Nov: The Rock of Travolta + Meanwhile, back in Communist Russia + Eeebleee
29th Nov: Angelica + Moonkat
13th Dec: Mika Bomb + The Sunset Sound
27th Dec: Monkey Island + J*R + Winnebago Deal

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13th Jan: Vyvyan + The Merics
27th Jan: Cartel + Shelbyville + Special Llamas
10th Feb: Supra + Kenisia
24th Feb: Honeytone Cody + Kill Van Helsing
09th Mar: 27 + Tweaker
23rd Mar: Velodrome 2000 + The Sea Monkeys
06th Apr: Twist + The Junket
20th Apr: The Butterflies of Love + Airport Girl + The Chemistry Experiment (Fortuna Pop! Night)
04th May: Gilded Lil + Cruiser
18th May: JJ72 + The Motorhomes
01st Jun: Ultraviolet + Shelbyville
15th Jun: Twinkie + Garlic
29th Jun: Beachbuggy + Lube
13th Jul: Crashland + Kenisia
27th Jul: Mika Bomb + The Merics
10th Aug: Dollybird + Egor's Chuck Roast Boogie + Bucky
24th Aug: [Keyop] + Shelbyville + Madnomad
07th Sep: GG Action + Blue Minkies
21st Sep: Saloon + Kicker
05th Oct: Sugar Coma + Fishtake
19th Oct: The Action Time + The Lollies
02nd Nov: Garlic + Airport Girl + Frankie Machine
16th Nov: Milky Wimpshake + International Strike Force (Slampt Night)
30th Nov: Roosevelt + The Merics
14th Dec: Kill Van Helsing + Lube
28th Dec: Beachbuggy + Aqua Vista vs The Surf Creatures

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